Hatha Yoga

    The Fish - Matsyasana



    Matsyasana is the fourth of the 12 basic postures of hatha yoga, and the counterstretch to the shoulder stand pose. The main benefit of the fish posture is expansion of the chest, which is accomplished by taking deep inhalations while in the asana. To be done correctly, the weight of the body should be on the hips and elbows, the head gently resting on the floor, with face and neck relaxed.

    Physical Benefits

    Energetic (Pranic) Benefits

    Mental Benefits


    The fish posture begins after a short relaxation, or savasana.

    To come out of the fish, inhale deeply and lift your head a little, straightening it out behind you. Lie down and bring your arms out from underneath your back. Roll your head back and forth a few times. Relax in savasana.


    People with rounded shoulders may have trouble getting into the fish pose in the beginning, but over time should be able to do this posture.

    The fish is part of the basic yoga class.