Hatha Yoga

    The Plough Pose - Halasana

    halasana - the plough


    Halasana is the third of the 12 basic postures of hatha yoga. It is very similar to the shoulderstand pose. In this asana all muscles from the neck to the heels are stretched.

    As you practice, please watch your neck and keep your body symmetrical.

    Physical Benefits

    Energetic (Pranic) Benefits

    Mental Benefits

    halasana 1


    This posture can be taken from the lying position, however we usually go into it from the shoulderstand pose, so we will explain it as such.

    To come out of the posture, lift your feet up to a 45 degree angle, bring your palms flat on the floor and slowly bring your back, hips, legs and feet onto the floor paying attention to keep the head and shoulders on the floor. Relax on your back.


    You should not to halasana if you have any neck problems. If you suffer from "rounded shoulders", a.k.a. kyphosis, do not stretch too far and do not hold the posture too long. Consult your doctor or chiropractor before practicing.

    The plough is part of the basic yoga class.