The AYA Teachers

    For millennia yoga has been transmitted from teacher to student without any interruptions.

    Although there are many other ways to learn yoga in the modern world - books, audio cds, videos, DVDs, web sites on the internet, podcasts and so on - nothing beats learning yoga from a live teacher.

    In this tradition we recognize several categories of teachers.

    The Gurus

    It may seem counterintuitive to modern and Western-minded students but the most important links of the chain are the great Masters who came before us and are part of our illustrious lineage of gurus.

    In our particular guru parampara there are truly thousands of them who came, lived these teachings and transmitted them with utmost care to their disciples but we will acknowledge particularly three of them.

    The Staff Members

    The Advaita Yoga Ashrama is a small non-profit ashram run by volunteers.

    At this point there are two full-time staff members

    The Affiliate Teachers

    In the spirit of this extended spiritual community are the affiliated teachers and centers.

    Although functioning independently the affiliates follow and teach the same classical teachings that AYA is dedicated to.

    They are located around the world and please feel free to visit them for classes.