The Language of Yoga

    Having been born and raised in India, yoga naturally uses the ancient sacred language of Sanskrit for all its terminology.

    The teachings and philosophy of yoga and vedanta are rather complex and subtle and over several millennia many concepts have been given Sanskrit terms.

    Oftentimes these concepts do not have any English equivalents and therefore the serious yogi would do well to acquaint himself with the basic Sanskrit terms.

    The Power of the Sound

    A distinct feature of the language is that its every word, syllable and even phonem is considered very powerful. What is meant is that the sound vibration associated with any word will be very much 'in sync' with the meaning of that particular word and make a potent impression on the mind. That will be true both for the one who recites the sanskrit word as well as the one listening.

    An Online Reference

    We are making a conscious effort to define and explain whichever sanskrit terms are used in this site and elsewhere in our <%= link_to 'online Sanskrit glossary', '/glossary' -%>.

    In the future much material will be presented in this site to introduce the wonderful language of Sanskrit to the readers.

    Free Downloads

    If you would like to hear some mantras or the Sanskrit alphabet and/or practice with them you can go to our download page.