Do You Know Freecycle?

    There is a possibility to reduce your garbage and to change the world "one gift at a time". You sign up in the Freecycle-Yahoogroup which is nearest to where you live and then you receive emails in which people say what they have and need no longer or what they're looking for. And you can write emails yourself containing what you would like to offer or what you need. The only conditions are: It has to be a gift, so you really offer it without wanting something in return. It has to be a thing and not a service or something alike. And the other person has to come by and pick it up, so no shipping is involved.

    It exists all over the world and is really a great thing! I already offered some things there which I didn't need any longer and someone else needed right now, as my older bed for example. And I found a great cupboard for my kitchen there which would have been really expensive otherwise. It's nice to have something like this really working well in times of online auctions where most people just think about how they can make a little more money or just throw away good things. Probably it's something for you, too?

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    You can find out more about Freecycle here.