A New AYA Affiliate in Zurich

    I just arrived in Luxembourg and am in the middle of a teaching tour. My last stop was in Zurich where a Friday satsang plus a weekend intensive workshop on 'The Philosophy of Oneness' were held.

    It all went well. I had a lovely time and there is a small group of enthusiastic yogis in Zurich which is developing into a strong community.

    Gauri Susan Baumann

    AYA Zurich

    Gauri, who is running the Mandala Yoga Center, has decided to join the AYA family and to become an AYA affiliate. Welcome to Gauri. It's nice to have a connection with Switzerland. For several years Maria was teaching in Basel and Liestal but she has moved on to Australia quite a while ago already.

    Friday night I will be giving a lecture and this weekend a whole weekend intensive on bhakti yoga at the Centre de Yoga 'La Source' in Walferdange, Luxembourg.