Does Arsenic Taste Like Chicken?

    Actually chickens do taste like arsenic.

    Another Reason To Go Vegetarian

    FOR ENVIRONMENTALISTS and some public health experts, one of the most puzzling practices of modern agriculture is the addition of arsenic-based compounds to most chicken feed. The point of the practice is to promote growth, kill parasites that cause diarrhea, and improve pigmentation of chicken meat.

    This article explains, as you would expect, that arsenic is not good for you.

    Fifty-five percent of the 151 samples of raw chicken in these tests contained detectable arsenic ranging from 1.6 to 21.2 ppb, Wallinga wrote in a report. Nearly three-quarters of the samples from conventional producers had detectable levels of arsenic, but only one-third of samples from certified organic and other premium chicken suppliers had detectable levels.
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