Programs in Frankfurt & Mainz


    Sunday night I gave a lecture on Advaita Vedanta in Frankfurt, followed by a nice satsang. During the lecture I talked about general concepts of Advaita and during the satsang gave the students 3 techniques to practice.

    Although the topic can be off-putting to Westerners and especially less advanced yogis, it went over well with these groups.

    On Monday I visited Frankfurt briefly and yesterday traveled to Mainz. I enjoyed the Frankfurt center very much. Thanks to Maheshwara and staff for hosting me and making the center such a pleasant place.

    Here are a couple photos I took in Frankfurt.


    Mainz is the biggest Yoga Vidya center. I taught a lecture and yoga class last night to a group mostly comprised of the ongoing 2-year TTC. The topic was Raja Yoga. All went well.

    This morning we had a power satsang led by Atmarama, the director of the center. There are 8 intense yogis living here and the shakti is very strong. The altar in the meditation room is very impressive