On Aparigraha - Non-Covetousness

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    'When non-acquisitiveness is established, an understanding of the purpose of birth is gained.' Yoga Sutras - Chapter II. Verse 39

    Aparigraha, or non-covetousness, is one of the five yamas which are the universal virtues of yoga.

    The true purpose of human life is to find the Eternal, the Real, which we usually call Atman (the True Self) or Brahman (the Absolute Reality or God).

    When owing to ignorance the mind is deluded it looks for happiness where it's not.

    It runs after countless desires all more silly than the others all ultimately unsatisfying. Many of these desires are related to greed and the constant need to acquire money and things. This clouds our consciousness even more and this is why we need to cultivate aparigraha.

    When the aparigraha quality dawns in the mind the pointlesness of acquiring useless objects and money reveals itself and the yogi is naturally drawn to look for the source of real happiness.